Sunday, November 1, 2009

Movin on Again

Well, we went to Disney World with my daughter and her family and had a blast. We left there and made our first trip to Key West. We really enjoyed the sights, seafood and music in Key West, but I thought Islamorada was the prettiest key by far. I would love to spend a week or two on that key.

We are now staying at a state park just north of Atlanta where we are volunteering as campground hosts. We work approximately 12 hours each in return for an RV site with power, water, sewer and cable TV at no cost. This is our first time volunteering at a state park and so far we have really enjoyed it. We plan to be here until the middle of December. Sometime after the first of the the year we want to head west to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. We hope to spend the summer in Wisconsin at an RV resort in the Dells region.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Moving On

Just a quick update since our last post:

Since mid-April we have been workamping at a campground in Destin, Florida. When we started we agreed to stay through the first week in September, and we have a couple more weeks before we are through with our commitment. We work 35 hours per week, which is more than we prefer to work, but overall it has been a lot of fun.

After this, we are going to Disney World at the end of September with our daughter's family and then we will be camp hosts for a couple of months. We plan to head out west to Texas, Arizona and New Mexico after the first of the year.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Unexpected Events

Well a lot has happened since our last post. We had to leave Emerald Coast in Panama City Beach, Fla.,March 1st. to go back to Georgia to help my mother with some issues she had at her home. We stayed at her house a total of five weeks and I thought for awhile David and I were going to get into a fist fight because of all the stress. Poor David was having to put up with me and my mother and trust me that is no easy task. After about three weeks David said one morning he felt like he was in the movie Ground Hogs Day, no matter where he went he always woke up at mother's house and we did the same thing over and over. I became so upset with mother one day about a trash dump run that I backed into a 250 gallon propane tank and knocked it over spewing gas everywhere. Mother screamed called 911 and David screamed telling me to get out of the truck. I think I was in shock because I just stood there looking at the tank. We then had to deal with the firemen, police and gas company. Needless to say we did not get to the dump. For the most part we have finished our duties and we are trying to figure out what to do next. We spent Easter weekend with Spencer in Statesboro, Georgia and had a wonderful time. Since leaving there we have decided to take a trip down to Tampa, Fla. and then who knows from there. Since I can now post I will get to tell you all stories about David instead of him telling all the stories about everyone else. Don't worry there will be more later!!!!!!