Thursday, May 31, 2012

What a difference a day makes

We have arrived in Forest City, Iowa from Council Bluffs, Iowa where we stayed overnight last night. Yesterday we were blessed with beautiful warm weather while we were traveling. Last night it rained and boy did the temperature drop, at least 20 degrees. This morning we had to cut the heat on, pull out our sweats, blue jeans, jackets, socks and shoes.  We have driven in rain most of the day with a high of 50. David and I sure don't like the cold weather but we know it will warm back up in a day or so. We do not take the motorhome to Winnebago until Monday morning but we wanted to come on to the area because we want to take a tour of the plant, hopefully play some golf and get some things done while we sit here. We are at Three Fingers Campground out in the middle of nowhere but it is really nice. We have full hook ups so I am one happy girl.  Hopefully the blog will get better when we can actually see some really great sites. More Later........

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Night in Kansas City

We decided since we haven't been anywhere since we arrived in Kansas City that we would go out to eat tonight at the best barbecue restaurant, Arthur Bryant.  We got directions and headed out but our directions took us to Ameristar Hotel and Casino. Since we had got dressed and got out we decided to go into the place and see what they had. I wish we had taken the camera because the inside was really nice and they had several restaurants including Arthur Bryant. We just didn't think it would be the same since it was not the "Original" so we opted for buffet. It was just OK!!!!!! After we ate we decided we would hit the casino. I lost  $7.00 in about three minutes and David lost $5.00 in about ten. We are such big gamblers. I guess it is safe to say that we won't gamble our money away, but we may eat it away. We will leave tomorrow morning for Des Moines, Iowa. We are so ready to get this slide fixed so we can get back to comfortable living.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Travel Day

Today was another travel day. We left St. Louis this morning and we are in Kansas City, Missouri for the next three days. I didn't even know there was a Kansas City, Missouri.  We are staying at Worlds of Fun Village, they have a water park and thrill rides. I don't think we will be going to the parks but I hope to enjoy the pool. Not sure what we will do while we are here but I will keep you posted.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Our Day in St. Louis

We left Paduach yesterday and arrived in St. Louis, Missouri. Today we went downtown to the St. Louis Gateway Arch which was out of this world. I could not believe how big it was. I wanted to go up to the top but it was a four hour wait.  No way was I standing in line for four hours so we wondered around the museum and got some great pics in there. We then walked about a half mile to Busch Stadium in 95 degree heat. After all that we had worked up an appetite for some good barbecue so we headed to Pappy's Barbecue, it was featured on the food network a couple of days ago. We waited in line for one and half hours to get into and it was well worth the wait. We got to meet Pappy the owner and I even got my picture taken with him.
I am going to back up a little bit since I left everyone hanging about the picking that was suppose to go on in Paduach, Ky.  After we had a few cocktails we wondered up the campground where the music was going to take place and they had cancelled the entertainment.  OH WELL MAYBE NEXT TIME! The following day we took a tour of down town Paduach and we really enjoyed it. I even talked David into going in a Quilt Museum. We did take a few pictures of the river wall. David will post more pics to our web site.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Officially on the Road

After spending the last few days in Athens, Alabama attending my niece's high school graduation we have arrived in Paducah, Kentucky where we will be staying the next couple of days. We are staying at Duck Creek RV Resort which is an OK campground but the owner's are wonderful. When we checked in Virginia, owner gave us so much literature on the area I could give guided tours.  Her husband Mike then played some music for us on a bowed psaltery. Of course, David now has some guys he will be playing the guitar with tonight. I will try to post some pics of this later on. You know my husband he loves to pick and grin. We are sitting outside having a cocktail waiting on the show to begin.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Westward Ho, Once Mo'

We are headed west again, ultimately to Montana and a wedding, but after that we plan to just travel the west and visit areas we just want to see, places like Glacier National Park, the Grand Canyon, Bryce and Zion National Parks, etc. But first, we are going to Forest City, Iowa to the Winnebago Factory to have the driver's side slide out glide rail re-installed. We were at Live Oak Landing in Freeport, Florida and when we put the slide out out, the glide rail, all 18 feet of it, came out. After a call to Winnebago, we finally got the slide out back in. We have plenty of time to get to Montana so we plan to take our time, go to a couple of bluegrass festivals, county fairs, etc. on the way to Montana.

Stay tuned to this channel, we plan to post plenty of pictures and video as we travel.

More later....