Sunday, July 6, 2008

July 6, 2008

Plans change. Looks like we are not wintering in Harlingen Texas after all. We just returned from Florida. We were staying in a really nice RV park located very close to a one of the most popular beaches in Florida, so we decided to leave our resumes' in the event the park needed part time employees (it's called workamping. You work a certain number of hours for your site, which includes electrical, sewer hookup, cable TV and other amenities and discounts, and then you are paid for any additional hours worked). Anyway, we left our resumes' at the office, and promptly forgot about it, not expecting any immediate response. Two days later, I was at the site working on my bicycle and Derita was at the condo where her family was staying when the General Manager of the park walked up and introduced himself.

Two hours later Derita and I walked out of the GM's office. I had a job that starts next Saturday (Derita couldn't commit. She has to give notice and close the house, but a job for her is a virtual certainty), so I have to get everything ready to leave Saturday morning.

Sunday, July 13, 2008:
Well, here I am. I start workamping tomorrow. Derita is still at the house and she won't be down until the last of July. She is closing down the house and getting Spencer ready to go back to college July 28. So far so good.

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