Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Beach Weather?

We decided to travel to Florida hoping that the winter temperatures would be a bit warmer than what we were used to in North Georgia. Well, it hasn't worked out quite that way. People are telling us that it has gotten colder, sooner this year than any time in recent memory. This morning it is a cold 39 degrees here. Not expecting the low temperatures, we didn't bring any really warm clothing, so it is off to some clothing store, in a hurry, for sweat shirts and light jackets. Until just a few days ago, it was warm enough in the middle of the day to be on the beach in shorts and and a tee shirt. Mexico Beach was especially nice a few days ago, warm enough for swimming if you didn't mind the cool ocean water. We found some new places with great seafood near the Marina in Panama City. Hunt's Seafood is the place to go if you like oysters, and a new, huge restaurant called the Shrimp Boat finally opened after about a year of construction. We haven't been there yet, but Hunt's has very good seafood at reasonable prices. The marina area has a number of good restaurants as well as nice shops and coffee houses. The Boathouse behind Captain Anderson's is our favorite restaurant. It has a great view of the returning fishing and pleasure boats and the food and service is very, very good.

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