Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last Night in Kansas City

We decided since we haven't been anywhere since we arrived in Kansas City that we would go out to eat tonight at the best barbecue restaurant, Arthur Bryant.  We got directions and headed out but our directions took us to Ameristar Hotel and Casino. Since we had got dressed and got out we decided to go into the place and see what they had. I wish we had taken the camera because the inside was really nice and they had several restaurants including Arthur Bryant. We just didn't think it would be the same since it was not the "Original" so we opted for buffet. It was just OK!!!!!! After we ate we decided we would hit the casino. I lost  $7.00 in about three minutes and David lost $5.00 in about ten. We are such big gamblers. I guess it is safe to say that we won't gamble our money away, but we may eat it away. We will leave tomorrow morning for Des Moines, Iowa. We are so ready to get this slide fixed so we can get back to comfortable living.

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