Friday, July 6, 2012

Gone to Long

If anyone is reading this they know I haven't posted in several days. Our internet and telephone connections have been spotty. I have actually done pretty good without phone service.  After we left Red Lodge, Mt. we arrived at my sister's house and stayed there for four nights. We left their house and headed to Glacier National Park. Yesterday we went through Glacier Park starting in West Glacier over Sun Road to East Glacier. Upon arrival in East Glacier we were very close to the Canadian Border so we decided we would go to Waterton which is the Canadian side of Glacier. Once we got to the border we looked and between us we only had about $30.00 cash and we figured our bank would not let us use our ATM cards in another country without notifying them. The nearest ATM machine was about 25 miles back. We also forgot to call our insurance agent to see if we would be covered if involved in an accident in another country. The only we did right was take our passports. The more we thought about it we were just not comfortable going until we did all our research. So to all our Canadian friends we tried but just didn't make it into your beautiful country.

We really enjoyed Glacier views and the 50 mile drive over Sun Road. I have never seen water so green, so clear and so cold. We didn't take any hikes just a few short walks because everywhere you looked there were signs warning of bears. If a bear had gotten after us we knew we had no chance in hell in getting away from it.

Bear Tooth Pass is still in the lead as for as beauty and solitude.

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Ashlee said...

Your insurance agent says that you need Canadian insurance cards to drive in Canada. She will be happy to get them for you if you will let her know you still need them. She also said she loves you both and be safe :)