Thursday, June 28, 2012

Changing Weather

I didn't realize it had been so long since I posted. When we left Strugis with new tires on the jeep  we noticed it was pulling to the right so we stopped in Buffalo, Wy to get the front end aligned. Three days and $500.00 later we left.  We ended up having to have new ball joints. While we were there the temperatures got over 100 each day, I felt like I was back in Florida. Not a lot to see in Buffalo but we did ride up the Big Horn Mountains which were beautiful there was snow at the top and 100 degrees at the bottom.  The only day we were able to go the winds were gusting about 60mph. We thought we were going to have to replace the top on the jeep because the winds were blowing so hard. 
When we left Buffalo yesterday we stopped at Little Bighorn Battlefield. I am not a big history buff but we took a guided walking tour and the tour guide was wonderful. He actually made you feel like you were there during the battle. While we were on the tour we noticed the smell of smoke and there was a smoky haze in the area. We found out  there are wildfires in Montana and there was one over the pass from them. We finally got out of the smoky haze about 100 miles down the road. 
We are now in Red Lodge, MT and today we are taking a ride over the Beartooth Highway which is suppose to be the most beautiful highway drive in America. We awoke this morning to beautiful sunny skies and 45 degrees. So much for taking the top off the jeep.   We have been told that some of the pass has been blocked because of smoke but they have a pilot car to take you through the smoke. I am not sure we will do that but we are going to ride as far as we can. It is so sad the loss of homes and forest in Colorado and now in Montana. Well I guess I better go layer my clothing for the day so we can hit the road.  More Later!!!!!!!!

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