Monday, June 4, 2012

My oh my oh my!!!!!!!!!!

We have been in Forest City for four nights and thought we would be out of here no later than Wednesday. Boy are we in shock!!!!!!!!!!!! We took the motorhome to have the slide repaired this morning and found out this afternoon the extended warranty will not cover any of the repairs until they send an adjuster, the closet one to Forest City is two hours away. They tried to call us this morning to see if that is what we wanted them to do since we had left the customer service area but our phone service here really sucks. We got no missed call or message. Since they close promptly at 3:30 pm they could not get anyone here today. We were told they might come tomorrow but if not we will probably not be out of here until sometime next week. We almost told them to fix it and we would just pay. It only gets better, we have paid for an RV site for a week and we now cannot stay in the motorhome because they have the slide out. Soooooo we are having to pay $75.00 a night for a motel room, the only one in town that we feel safe enough to stay in. We have all our stuff from the slide at the campground and all our other belongings in the shop at Winnebago. We are actually living out of Wal Mart bags. Since they do not have a Wal Mart here I cannot even restock our bags. Since we are so stressed we decided to get a bottle of wine each and drink until time to go to bed. 

We did take a tour of the Winnebago facility and it was very interesting. We are thankful we have our rig but this had been sickening. OH WELL MAYBE TOMORROW WILL BE A BETTER DAY.

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