Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Time marches on

We had a good day today once we got started.  We decided to go to Clear Lake, Iowa which is really a nice and quaint town. It is where Buddy Holly played his last concert at the Surf Ballroom before the fatal plane crash. While we were there we ran into another couple having their coach worked on and we  had lunch with them.  Before we left Forest City we got directions to Clear Lake but we didn't quite get our right and left correct.  We turned the wrong way out of Winnebago so instead of going 25 miles it took us 60 miles. We did enjoy looking at all the wind turbines and corn fields. LOL

We returned from Clear Lake to find out we will not get our home back until Thursday so we are still at the motel and still have items at the campground. Of course I am having a harder time with this than David and he is really trying to be patient with me. We decided we needed to do something in the afternoon so we found a 9 hole golf course and played some golf today. So glad we did because after I got some exercise, even though I didn't play very well I felt much better. I think tomorrow we are going to check out of this motel and go stay in Clear Lake for the night.

Maybe next time I post we will be on the road heading to Mt. Rushmore.

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