Thursday, June 14, 2012


We finally left Forest City, Iowa on Tuesday morning and headed to Mt. Rushmore. We spent the night in Mitchell, South Dakota where the Corn Palace is located. It is really something to see but we had already been there and it was raining so we decided to just stay in and relax.

Back on the road again Wednesday morning in cool and windy weather. For those of you that have been this way know that you start seeing signs for Wall Drug which is a store that takes up an entire block with everything from junk to high dollar items about 200 miles before you get there. Even though we had been there before it was like a magnet pulling us back in. We did buy some really good hand cream because our hands are so dry from the dry air and I really wanted a $500.00 pair of cowboy boots for the wedding but could't do it because where am I going to wear a pair of cowboy boots in Florida.

We arrived in Hill City, South Dakota late in the afternoon and we are staying at Rafter J Bar Ranch Campground. We will be staying in the area until next Wednesday. Since we are creatures of habit the last time we were here we did not change our clocks and stayed on eastern time. That meant it was still daylight when we went to bed and we got up about 4:00 every morning. We loved it because we ate six meals a day. We decided since we are going to be in the area for a month or so we needed to adjust to mountain time this trip. We are trying to decide our sight seeing schedule so I better go and get ready. Will post more later.

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